Ziall-You Changed Everything

Ziall-You Changed Everything

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Zayn is a criminal, A cold hearted criminal, Niall is the younger brother of Zayn's fellow gang mates Liam and Louis. Niall is nothing like his brothers, He hates violence and he'd never hurt anybody but he's not a push over, He'll always stand up for himself. When the boys home is no longer safe for them they are forced to move in with Zayn, And what happens when Zayn and Niall get to know eachother? What happens when Zayn becomes protective of Niall but refuses to change who he is? But will Zayn change who he is when he learns he's going to be a father? Will he change for his family?

Story contains MPreg

Cover made by Ziallerhorlik on Tumblr 

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irwinflopz irwinflopz Aug 22, 2017
i've read this story so many damn times i love it it's one of my favorites
Jinxxlove Jinxxlove Jan 10
Nah, but to be completely honest, being in a gang could probably better then having a job. Job=math, math=my death. I can't die yet, I'm too young to die.
ShawniesMuffin_Hoe ShawniesMuffin_Hoe Nov 14, 2017
I need a double cheeseburger and hold the Mayo now don't front son no seeds on the bun I got a craving for a number 9 like my shoe
myrajannath myrajannath Mar 25, 2016
omg lol @obsessed_with_larry haha lol ikr hed get arrest probably for driving to fas tor to slow maybe be even end up breaking the car lol
Yoonseoks_Princess Yoonseoks_Princess Jan 14, 2017
I literally said before I clicked on this story that ziall mpreg would be weird.., ima still read it tho
I only c Zayn in a gang. Liam and Louie I cannot see breaking the law XD