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mushroom-head By potaetomaetae Completed

Namjoon: prince of werewolves 

Taehyung: prince of vampires 

Seokjin: orifiel/ angels who protect the forest 

Yoongi: death 

J hope : guardian angel 

Jungkook: the demon 

Jimin : the wanted angel

Jae Ri : the human 

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"Kid, look, it's past 11 already! Go trick or treat to someone with your angel costume! I have no candy!.. but i can say, those wings looks realistic! Now go!"

"But I am an angel. "

"Oh wow really? " i said faking an excited smile 

I sighed again, "kid, to me, angels and other more things aren't real, OK? Then if I'm seeing a real angel in front of me then.. Hallelujah! " i laughed and let out a small groan then followed by a yawn. 

I was about to go but he shouts,

"Wait! -"

"Please! Just go! "

He sighed and nodded Sadly,
"I'm sorry, but thank you tho, I'll just find a way to go back even if it takes days, weeks, months... years.. "

I just can't leave him here

"Ugh, do you have a place to stay?" I asked and he shooked his head 

"Then you can sleep on the spare room and do not, please, do not break anything, aaand, also please, remove that costume when we reach my house! "

He nodded happily with a huge grin, "thank you! You are so kind! "

"Shut it. "


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if you guys are wondering if i have other more stories, 

Here they are! These are the only ones ?, I'm not forcing you to read them.

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