Fly With Me

Fly With Me

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Glaiza was already in the pilot's cockpit when Rhian showed up at the helipad. They were at  the rooftop of HGC Tower. She has already started the engine of the helicopter and has worn the necessary gears. All their baggages were in the compartment behind the backseat. The chopper can load as much as 5 tons without affecting its lift and throttling performance but the Howells limit its capacity up to two tons only to avoid overloading of its rotor.

As soon as Rhian has taken her seat in the front left side of the chopper's cabin, Glaiza gave her an aviation headset then shouted, "Are you ready ma'am?"

"Yes, let's go!" Rhian shouted back. The sound of the chopper was capable of breaking their ear drums if not for the head set.

Glaiza pull the collective at the left side of her seat... and gently, the chopper lifted"

Not even in their wildest dream that starting today,  their life will change forever....

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