Percy Jackson and the Avengers

Percy Jackson and the Avengers

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HunterOfBooks By HunterOfBooks Updated Apr 30, 2014

Percy pov

I stood alone on the battlefield, stained with the blood from my friends...

Leo had died from being beaten to a literal bloody pulp, trying to save some new campers who ha  yet to learn how to defend themselves.

Jason had taken a spear for Piper that almost split him in two, instead it carried through him and had gotten Piper too.

Frank played on the ground his body broken in unnatural angles.

Hazel had taken an arrow to the head while she rode Arion beheading any monster in her path.

Nico...Well I'm not entirely sure if he died. Cause of the gods, Hades was only captured after I had seen Nico disappear which I'm sure he had some thing to do with.

Clarisse died in away no one would forget for years to come... If you've ever seen the movie John Carter, you should know this scene. She stood in the center of a circle of monster corpses, before one could disintegrate, already another lay dead on top of it. It continued till eventually she was killed not by a monsters prow...

    Hadesworld Hadesworld Jul 13, 2016
    The gods/ Primordials... Didn't use to be insane and crazy, they just became it!
    catog67 catog67 Sep 02, 2016
    Who r these people? I've read all the Percy Jackson but none of them have come acorss
    thornjinx23905 thornjinx23905 Oct 06, 2016
    I am left speechless. I honestly have nothing to say… Other then, this was the best chapter ever!!!
    catog67 catog67 Sep 02, 2016
    Oh no *groans* how many books r there? I've read the Last Olympion is that the last book? Or r there more. I need to know
    catog67 catog67 Sep 17, 2016
    I freaked out when it said Percy Jackson in the Lost Hero and then i freaked out when it said Jason in the son of neptune and when it said Annabeth
    catog67 catog67 Sep 17, 2016
    I have literally just read the end of a chapter in the heroes of Olympus the son of neptune and now i'm freaking out because it said it was Nico Di Angelo. Like i knew he would b in it but I didn't think he'd turn up until the house of hades