Frerard One Shots

Frerard One Shots

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Skylar the Introvert By xoCrashFire Updated Jan 22, 2017

Just a big book full of one shots that I come up with. 

There is no set update day. Just when I think of an idea and write it. 

They may be days apart, weeks, I don't know, but I'll try to think of as many as I can without making them similar to many things you may have read. 

Sorry if some aren't good, but I'm trying. 

Hope you enjoy!


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DaniTheWeirdEmo666 DaniTheWeirdEmo666 Aug 09, 2017
                              Shoot the chick Frank was with then make Frank like you 
                              YEE COULD BE HAPPEH IF YEE DID THAT
Little_emo_phangirl Little_emo_phangirl Oct 09, 2017
How did he writes this from his perspective  if he's dead? 
                              Me trying to hide my emotions lmao WHY DID YOU DO THAT
DaniTheWeirdEmo666 DaniTheWeirdEmo666 Aug 09, 2017
Okay so from reading the comments I can tell I'm gonna cry from this
I still watch Spongebob
                              Spongebob vines mostly
Emo_Frerard Emo_Frerard Dec 14, 2017
Pfft bet y'all can't go on the merry go round without puking.
notaloneorami notaloneorami Sep 21, 2017
I suddenly thought of "Friend, Please" by TØP and I'm going to cry between that and the story