Wattpad Clichés

Wattpad Clichés

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hiatus • By floatinganchors Updated Sep 02, 2017

I'm kind of a mess, well I'm actually a hot ass mess. But I like to rant about Wattpad and its corny ass clichés so here I am. 

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- - Nov 18, 2017
Lmao, nobody is the "Queen of Wattpad," so don't worry, Mackenzie. Talk to who you want and however you want if they are rude to you. Nobody is above anyone else.
RavenTaelor RavenTaelor Dec 31, 2017
Wow. Because that makes sense. It's illogical to assume someone would call you a hypocrite for saying you hate something, but then doing exactly what you claim to hate. I just love how your brain works! ;D (sarcasm)
simplysim_98 simplysim_98 Sep 17, 2017
i like taylor, i don't think she's a bad person at heart but i miss her old music. ;( was just listening to back to december and ahhh.... :(
sakshiraghuwanshi sakshiraghuwanshi Dec 09, 2017
Haters gonna hate hate hate....but I'm just gonna shake shake shake......I shake it off
joontrbl joontrbl Jun 28, 2017
I love all of those things but I've never watched k-dramas before
Tawanawasnothere Tawanawasnothere Aug 07, 2017
All the things I love, now I know why I clicked on this book