The Gang Assassin

The Gang Assassin

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Laura Winters, together with her Brother were abused by their parents. One day, they escaped. They met a gang leader and were adopted by him.

Raised to be killers, they were sent for a mission. Her Brother was killed trying to protect her. Laura's soul was scarred that day and  vowed to be stronger for her dead Brother.  She begged her "Father" to let her join Camp Zero. A top underground training facility for assassins, everyone knows them yet only gang leaders know where the facility was located. Her Father approved and she was there for four years. 

When she came back, the once happy and bubbly girl was gone. She was replaced by a cold hearted killer, ruthless and unforgiving. She could take down a man twice her size with a flick of her wrist. She was stronger than she ever was before and also had high IQ. 

She needed to go to high school, just like any other normal kid when she was back. She met a gang leaders and a leader of a mafia at her school and they just so happens take a liking to her. Yet both are players, are their feelings towards her real? Which one would be able to melt her heart of ice?

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enashigirl enashigirl Dec 02, 2017
People shouldwarn me that I forgot to comment or something didn't realize I didn't comment on this chapter I am totally serieus about commenting on EVERY chapter
😱 OMG! I'm so proud of you!!! #4 in Action?! Wow! Its so good!
                              Keep up the good writing, N.S.R.C! 
                              (Btw this is L.H.H) 😁
Oreocaspian Oreocaspian Apr 06
How the hell did she get into the airport with those?? Is she freaking ISIS
enashigirl enashigirl Dec 01, 2017
I like the first chapter ... She is totally badass... 😆 if the rest of the book is as great as this chapter I think it is a waste not many people know it 🤔
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what's his age? if he is the same aged, bruh starts the ship!! we need to sail the ship!