Jackson Stone is trapped in a place that is reminiscent  of Hell.  However he has a cunning plot, some good friends and with enough determinations, might he now earn a reprieve?
I really appreciate your support and I am glad you enjoyed Reprieve!@mia_heart
I must say, this story was unbelievably amazing! i loved the twist in the end, it was an enjoyable read..so there it goes :) a vote from my side! i truly loved the character, and you are a remarkable writer =)
@Aussiemandas I am glad you liked this, I am also glad that you did not see the ending coming!
@NeonBlueRockerx thanks for reading and commenting on reprieve- it means a great deal to me.
@RedBloodCell Thankyou for reading my story- I truly appreciate people takin the time to read and comment on my stories and poems.
@RedBloodCell Thankyou so much for reading this, it is great to get some feedback on a brand new story!