Abigail (Criminal Minds)

Abigail (Criminal Minds)

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Maddey By going_rouge Updated Jun 10, 2012

"Where were you?" Derek asked. He gave me that look of authority he never tires of. He was standing in the doorway of my room. I thought he wouldn't have noticed my absence, but that's what happens when I think.

I fought the urge to look down. No weakness. "Nowhere really, Jenny needed some extra help with her math homework so we went to the library together, "I said easily, although that couldn't have been farther than the truth. I was really at a party with my boyfriend. I mean it was Friday night and at 16, this behavior should be expected.

"Abby, really." He wasn't going to let me by anytime soon.

"Really, Derek, now can I just go to bed?" I said hastily. I tried not to get too close to his face in case he could smell the beer on my breath.

"Go ahead. But don't think you're going to get off that easy. You are going to tell me where you were, Abigail," he looked serious. Great. Probably a bad day at work or something.

"Why do you even care? It's none of your business, anyway!" ...

going_rouge going_rouge Jun 25, 2012
Thanks!! Again hehe @LittledropsofHeaven
                              @Apocalypse_Bunny013 haha jussstttt wait she gets ditzier!
going_rouge going_rouge Jun 25, 2012
@LittledropsofHeaven Thanks! You rlly should watch it!  I love it!
                              @Apocalypse_Bunny013 yea :/ I gotta fix that.... if I ever finish this and get it edited that'll b the first thing I change!
RosalynBurgess RosalynBurgess Jun 21, 2012
Nice characters, it flows with ease and i really like the descriptions.
RosalynBurgess RosalynBurgess Jun 21, 2012
i've not ever heard of the show, but i like the beginning it flows well and is very intresting.
going_rouge going_rouge Apr 26, 2012
@mrs_malfoy yea haha! i have the next chapter ish or so..... im gonna put is on riggghhhhttttt noooowwww :) and thanks!!!