BANGERZ | Jason McCann

BANGERZ | Jason McCann

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I want a bad boy
to be good, but only for me.
A boy like a hurricane
with the ferocious waves streaking in his fiery eyes. 
Yet when he looks at me
the waves suddenly dance away
back into the ocean
and the moon comes out instead
gleaming its pale, yellow light into his eyes
and when he holds me in his arms
even though he's the most dangerous thing
I can feel safe.
His love is wild and untamed
just like he is
but strangely enough, until he loves you
you will never know what true peace feels like. 

Every girl wants a bad boy to be good just for her. Every boy wants a good girl to be bad just for him. Tessa Klein, who struggles with loss, fear, and insecurities, is a good girl despite all her troubles. Jason McCann is a bad boy for the same reasons, but with a toxic, twisted rush of danger to go along with it. Like a moth to the flame, Jason becomes attracted to Tessa's light, strength, and warmth. Like a butterfly to the wheel, Tessa becomes attracted to Jason's thrill, complexity, and intrigue. He not only introduces her to a world of gangs, danger, and excitement, of all the right wrongs, but rights some of her wrongs as well. Can she do the same for him? Or is she just fated to become the good girl gone bad?

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