Homestuck  karnep

Homestuck karnep

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Pooplord By Hello-how-are-you Completed

Nepeta's Pov  My name is Nepeta Leijon I'm 15 and I live with my 22 year old brother Equius. Well technically step brother but that didnt matter we were best friends. I never met my dad and my mom died when I was 13. Equius's dad ,my step dad, met my mom 6 years ago they got married after 2 years of dating. But sadly he passed away the same day as my mom, they had gotten in a car crash . So ever since that day I've been living with my brother.I go to Sunnyedge Highschool and live right next door to Terezi.  

Karkats Pov  
My name is Karkat Vantas I'm 15 and use to live with my dad , his name is Jack Vantas but I've always called him Crabdad for as long as I can remember. My mom left us when I was 4. I moved out last year because i couldnt stand my stepmom but me and my dad have stayed on good terms. I go to Sunnyedge Highschool and my live with my roommates and best friends Sollux and Gamzee.

Homestuck and all of its characters do not belong to me . they belong to the creator Andrew Hussie. Homestuck is an online comic and this is based on some of its character.