Chaos Bringer (Percy Jackson; The God Slayer From Another World)

Chaos Bringer (Percy Jackson; The God Slayer From Another World)

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Pain. By Paineddreamer Completed

To Percy Jackson, the life of a demigod is odd and dangerous. One minute you are on a beautiful beach, then wrestling sea monsters in the next. This is what he became accustomed to handle. No matter what was thrown at him, he knows he can protect the ones he cares about.

    But this enemy is different. He is the two-time savior of Olympus. A hero.

A Plithos

    A host for chaos. And it is because of this fact, that he is so dangerous to everyone around. Why he had to be casted out. Why he had to be destroyed.

    Percy wonders what could have caused this. What had become of him. Then he saw them, two impossible people. And so, seeking their help. He asked them to give him the power to erase it all. All the pain. Help him conquer chaos.

     And Ryan said yes.

     This is part 2 of a trilogy, so I highly urge you to first read Theurgy: Guardian as an introduction into the world.

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