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YOU CAN'T BREAK ME (watty awards 2014 )

YOU CAN'T BREAK ME (watty awards 2014 )

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Zara By Hamera Completed

PROLOGUE.   Drip, drip, drip, drip, drip. Fifty, fifty one, fifty two, drip. drip. I winced in pain. I lost count of the water drops dripping from the ceiling. What's the time? What's the day? How long have I been here ? I can't remember because I have lost count of the time and days. All I know is that it's been too long. To long that I haven't seen my family or friends. To long that I haven't seen the outdoors. It's been a long time but I can't remember exactly how long I have been in this hell. I can't remember how long I have been in this cold and filthy room with no window. Nothing apart from these damp walls and a dirty mattress on the floor. There is a toilet in the corner. There is no mirror. I can't even remember what I look like anymore. All I have is a worn tattered dirty dress on my body. I have no shoes. 
"Oh Moon goddess please help me. Please help me or let me die" I cried helplessly. 
"Anya child speak to me" My wolf Alexandra whimpered.  
"Alex I can't  take much more. I can't take it any longer. He won't even let me die." I sobbed. 
"I know child but you must stay strong. You are strong Anya and we will make it through this" Alex whispered. 
"No we won't. He will never let me leave. Never" I cried feeling sorry for myself. 
Bang. Oh no I thought his back. I heard his foot steps coming down stairs. I tried to move but the pain in my back hadn't healed from the earlier lashing he gave me. His footsteps were getting closer and closer until they stopped outside the door. The bolts were being opened one by one. 
"Anya I'm sorry. I'm sorry child" my wolf whispered quietly before disappearing into the darkness. The door opened and there he stood in the shadows. It was dark but I could make out his silhouette. I started to tremble in fear knowing what was coming. Here in the shadows stood my mate.

chrishek chrishek Dec 13, 2017
Sorry to hear of your sister's passing.
                              It is truly a gift that she left her stories for others to enjoy. 
                              And another gift that you are editing them to make them even better.
                              Thank your sister and you.
myuser2 myuser2 May 12
We all loose someone at some point in life, and the word sorry is not enough or sufficient. Wish you find happiness somehow.
Am sorry to hear about your sister's death.
                              May her soul rest in peace.
SarahJayde9 SarahJayde9 Feb 12
Sorry about your loss its great that you have continued what she was great at it must have taken alot for you to do this may she rest in peace x
nidhisr nidhisr Jan 19
Sorry to hear about your sister's death. I hope she rests in peace
Sorry about your sisters death, I hope you and the remaining family are okay. I thinks it's really brave of you to edit her work.