♡ ƒιχ уσυ ♡ ||Villain! Izuku x Reader||

♡ ƒιχ уσυ ♡ ||Villain! Izuku x Reader||

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Lost Sassy Child By Lost-SassyChild Updated Jun 28

『After of what seemed like an eternity, I spoke. ❝I love you...❞ My voice barely above a whisper as I averted my gaze from his. He watches me in silence for a moment, sorrow oozing from his eyes before leaning down. ❝Don't...❞.』


Izuku Midoriya disappeared when he was 11 years old, his case was sealed shut, authorities claiming his death without a second's thought. However, as years seemed to pass. Suspicious criminal activity has risen, and [Name] discovers that not everything is at it seems.



~ Villain! Deku au
~ Reader insert
~ Song based off "Fix you" by Coldplay 
~ pls give it a chance, I work so hard on this
~ All rights reserved
~ Slow updates, high school, okay?
-  BNHA 
~ Highest ranking #8 in #Myheroacademia ((THANKS LOVES!!!))
- Enjoy ;)

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DragonLover06 DragonLover06 2 days ago
DAMN!!! That was good! *claps loudly in tears cuz im proud of my boi*
*Claps loudly* I feel like a proud mother watching her child win an award T^T
himederee himederee Jul 15
That was actually really inspiring, I'm surprised nobody is talking about his speech
Me: This is my favorite part
                              Friend: But that’s just a white screen..?
                              Me: Shhhhhh!!!  It’s getting good!!
joliecoline06 joliecoline06 2 days ago
Sa Google mo lang ba nahanap ang mga salitang iyan? (Do you find those words on google?)