Kidnapped by an Alpha

Kidnapped by an Alpha

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Throughout her life, Nora's parents have been nothing but drunk, horrible people. One night, she decides she cannot take it anymore, so she runs away. Upon running away, she gets kidnapped by men driving by her in a van. She is taken to a large mansion where she meets a guy. This man is the one who instructed the kidnapping. Nora doesn't know anything about werewolves or the supernatural world, so she doesn't know that this mysterious guy is her mate. Can he make her life better? Or will he continue to cause her grief?


Great cover made by AAKhan

Annabeth_Landry Annabeth_Landry a day ago
Seriously, though... "alph- friend." *whispers to passenger seat dude* "Saved it!" Yeah... GREAT SAVE DUDE! Just fantastic! (Lol idk maybe I'm just rlly tired idk)
Lil_miss_smiley Lil_miss_smiley 2 days ago
Wait if that's -6 degrees Celsius. HOW THE FÛÇK IS THAT WARM THAT IS BLOODY COLD AS HELL!!
Annabeth_Landry Annabeth_Landry a day ago
Just a suggestion: maybe instead of stretching, you could try... eh I dunno... escaping?!
Annabeth_Landry Annabeth_Landry a day ago
Ya know.... if I were just kidnapped, I probably wouldn't be paying any stinking attention to anyone, whether they're hot or not... I'd be running for the hills. Or...uh...woods. Potato, potato... Why am I just now realizing that you spell that the same... ??
what happened with YOUR face o wait that's how u always look
Lexymexy26 Lexymexy26 Dec 28, 2016
I can fall asleep anywhere.but u wake me up u gonna have a black eye!👿