Moving Love (Liam Payne)

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(Very cliché)
    Leaving your home and moving half way around the world, leaving everything you know behind is something no one really wants to do. Marita didn't have a choice. She had to leave Australia. What she didn't know is what the UK had in store for her, 
    Besides, everything happens for a reason, well that's what they say anyway.
me too especially since now is now and back then things were different...
                                    like when my mom says 'I used to go out a lot and had fun and still had good grades' 
                                    yeah mum, but you know, this has like - changed... do you wanna try take one of those tests?
I love everything about your story but I just cannot imagine Taylor Swift and Liam
@PeaceOut445 i mean i am saying who the character is, like when ppl giv stuff about movies and such out they say spoiler!, so i said character spoiler, as im spoiling who she is.
Oh i already love it! :D My name is Jamie too btw :D Only i'm a girl :/ Haha :D
You're really good at writing and I'm so excited to finish this story! ;D