Every hour full of pain, every minute hurt and every second was a stab in the heart. I had to face facts, he was gone, and nothing I did, or said was going to bring him back. Absolutely nothing

  • death
dragonflyandkitten dragonflyandkitten Oct 15, 2012
I'm at a loss for words... All I can do is think now. Wonder. It's hard to make a person react that way with text alone...
plaguemelove plaguemelove Jul 15, 2011
well written and well done. I am definitely adding this to my library. Great job.
WhyThisAccount WhyThisAccount Jun 27, 2011
so gud! you should write more of these kind of stories! you did it really well, sort of leading the reader into believing one thing, before twisting it round the next.
                              please please write more short stories like this! you are really gud at them!