The Emperor's Obsession

The Emperor's Obsession

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"I can protect you, Lihua, but remember this.. No one can protect you from me.. No one."
With an unsmiling grandfather and an uptight aunt, Wu Lihua was perfectly content with her peaceful, quiet life. She wouldn't trade it for the life of a queen, and loved her family very much. 
However, fate takes an ugly twist. Everything she's ever known and the life she was so happy with is snatched away from her by a powerful man, who is determined to make her his.
The question is, will he succeed?
Accompanied with many twists and turns, along with the emperor's tyrannical mother and hateful concubine, life in the palace that every person dreams of turns to utter hell for Lihua.


• Highest Rank: #1 in Historical Fiction. {January 19th, 2018} •
• Highest Rank: #1 in Historical Fiction. {February 3rd, 2018} •

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ChiFujiwara ChiFujiwara Feb 08
*facepalms* But... But... thats nice but....*sigh* Mulan vibes.....
Can this be a sitcom? I'd watch the ever loving heck out of it. Ohhh that girl! *insert laugh track*
Just minor corrections to the wording, if you want critique. *Throw, *Smack, start, *Steal
Could you help me pronounce her last/first name? I'd really love to hear it right in my head and it's just coming off Hawaiian (oh me).
ChiFujiwara ChiFujiwara Feb 08
We all suspect that thats a lie right? No? Just me? Okay......
cjk-225 cjk-225 Feb 09
Saying yah in Korean is an impolite way to get someone’s attention and I wouldn’t recommend saying it unless you have to