In the Shadow of the Storm [SAMPLE]

In the Shadow of the Storm [SAMPLE]

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Ren Tachibana By rentachi Completed

JESSICA JONES meets DRACULA: Fleeing a man who steals memories with a touch, Aveline Arden finds an unlikely respite in the home of a cursed vampire trying to survive in a world that wants to see his kind destroyed

Without a home to return to, Aveline Arden seeks to start a new existence in the unassuming Maine town of Greyridge, but her plans for the simple life are derailed by the presence of the local vampire, Cain Elding.

Their paths are sewn together by threads of deceit and secrecy as the monster haunting Aveline's past draws nearer and Elding battles a legacy he never wished to own. Strange traditions clash with modern sensibilities, loyalties are challenged, and both mortal girl and cursed vampire struggle to survive together.

A covert war spills into human society. Adversaries move unseen in the dark, the board is set, and the game must be played.

Aveline's about to learn how scary the world can get.


Paranormal Romance | Thriller | Urban Fantasy
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NaNoWriMo Novel 2017