Never Part Ways [Killua Love Story]

Never Part Ways [Killua Love Story]

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Simply a Fangirl By SimplyReticent Updated Nov 28, 2015

"Hey, Killua?"

『I wonder... just how long is forever...?』

Promises are made to be broken. Lies are told to hide the truth. Love is pushed aside to protect. And life was thrown away for him.

"What would you do if we parted ways?"

『Won't you tell me? Till when... is always?』

He doesn't want to regret anymore.

"I won't do anything." Because that won't happen. "Maybe I'll cry."

"You will?"


This, is their story.


[Killua Zoldyck X OC] Hunter X Hunter fan-fiction.

Disclaimer: This is a fan-fiction written purely for entertainment and fantasising purposes, all rights belong to Yoshihiro Togashi, the original mangaka of HxH.

Warning: Not to be taken seriously. This is the old work of a twelve year old girl who didn't check or edit any of her chapters (  ; ' - ' ). Contains grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, awkward scenarios, embarrassing events and overly cheesy moments. So, uh, read at your own risk, I guess?

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