Never Part Ways (discontinued)

Never Part Ways (discontinued)

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simply just me By SimplyReticent Updated Nov 28, 2015

"Hey, Killua?"

(I wonder... just how long is forever...?)

Promises are made to be broken. Lies are told to hide the truth. Love is pushed aside to protect. And life was thrown away for him.

"What would you do if we parted ways?"

(Won't you tell me? Till when... is always?)

He doesn't want to regret anymore.

"I won't do anything." Because that won't happen. "Maybe I'll cry."

"You will?"


This, is their story.


[Killua Zoldyck X OC] Hunter X Hunter fan-fiction.

Disclaimer: This is a fan-fiction written purely for entertainment and fantasising purposes, all rights belong to Yoshihiro Togashi, the original mangaka of HxH.

Warning: Not to be taken seriously. This is the old work of a twelve year old girl who didn't check or edit any of her chapters (  ; ' - ' ). Contains grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, awkward scenarios, embarrassing events, overly cheesy moments and lots. of. cringe. Please don't read.

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TheCrazyFanNamedEcho TheCrazyFanNamedEcho May 09, 2017
I am smaller, probably because I'm 11 but still I'm super short in real life
_WolfieChu_ _WolfieChu_ Apr 06, 2017
So early, you either already knew where it was or you arived a year or two early
                              Do fairies have tails? Are fairies even real? It’s an eternal mystery and being in this guild is an eternal adventure. (I think that’s what Mavis said)
raniy96 raniy96 May 08, 2017
here i thought fairy tail was some kind of joke but nope she's seriously going to be part of fairy tail
                              not complaining
                              i hope this works somehow
_WolfieChu_ _WolfieChu_ Apr 06, 2017
GON! KURAPIKA! And Leorio, that's how you spell his name right?
killua-freecs killua-freecs Apr 16, 2016
When I read happy I thought it was Happy not happy...know what I mean?