Anything For You | Lauren/You (Hiatus)

Anything For You | Lauren/You (Hiatus)

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•Kiah• By UnAmericanTeen Updated Nov 22, 2017

There's a time where you meet someone and you just know. You know that they'll be the one to change you without pushing. They'll be the one to make you like things that you despised just days before. They'll be the one to make your heart beat so hard and fast that you think it'll pop out any second. 

There's also a time where you feel. You feel your change, and not a good change. You feel those things that they once made you love become memories that bring tears to your eyes and pain in your chest. You feel your erratic beating heart being tore out and ripped to shreds with no mercy. 

 You remember. You remember that once the words, "Anything For You." Becomes "Anything To Forget You." 

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