The Rise of the Outbreak (Slow Updates)

The Rise of the Outbreak (Slow Updates)

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K. M. Taylor By GatoKitten Updated Nov 10, 2018

Eden Lemington's worst nightmare has become a reality. A deadly airborne virus has threatened death among an entire nation and only continues to get worse. Eden if forced to survive the Outbreak without her parents, causing her to live with strangers until it subsides. The only problem: it isn't subsiding. 

Eden's patience becomes tested when Jaxon Davenport comes into the picture. Her 'oh-so-perfect' innocence does not mix with Jaxon's defiance. With time, however, they open up about their past and begin to connect on a deeper level, which causes them to develop a much more serious relationship. But the more secrets Jaxon reveals to Eden about his past, the more she wonders if she should keep involving herself in all of his problems. And when Eden meets a handsome, model-worthy hunk, Jaxon's jealousy can't seem to stay under wraps, causing Eden to question his loyalty. 

Eden and her clan must adapt to the perilous new world, fighting those who are sick, avoiding infection, and struggling to stay alive with little food and water. Many can't be trusted, many will die, but most of all... many will wonder if this is reality or just another bad dream.

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