Just A Small Town Girl.

Just A Small Town Girl.

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Tiffany Thompson By JustSouthOfWierd Updated Apr 12, 2010

Life for Keely Madison was normal, she went to school she had friends, everything was good. She lived with her workaholic mother, her parents are divorced and Keely’s life is simple. That was until the day she come home and find out her mom in engaged to the famous, 'David Howard'. Keely didn’t even know her mom was dating, well anyone, let alone a famous guy and now they are engaged! Keely has to pack up and move with her mother and soon to be stepfather to Northern California, sure its not that much of a change from South Cali to North, besides the fact that she’s switching her nice public high school for an all girls private school and moving into a mansion! This is a big change for Keely! The changes continue to grow when she goes to a set with the newly daddy and get discovered. She blows up! [not like KaBAM! pieces everywhere but she gets big in the Hollywood scene]

With this sudden fame, Keely encounters things she has never had to face before, Paparazzi, Stalkers, Boys and Obsessed Fans. She’s not to sure she can handle it all. 

Keely Madison is a small town girl getting it big when she didn’t expect it or really want it.

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