Wicked Creatures| Book 1 Of The Wicked Series

Wicked Creatures| Book 1 Of The Wicked Series

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On the continent, known as the Northernlands, people are being put into captivity by the guards of the kingdom of Loria. These people aren't ordinary people. They are vorians. Vorians are a race of people with magical abilites. A law was created in 1956, that anyone who uses magic or has magical abilites will be put into captivity, or hanged. That law still stands and as the years past, vorians have started a rebellion.

Evan is a seventeen year old boy, that is also a vorian. He joins an academy called Ravenwood Academy. It takes the apperance of a normal school, but is a safe haven for Vorians to grow in their powers. Meanwhile, a darkness is rising in the Northernlands. It's a darkness from a very long time ago. What will the people of the Northernlands do when it comes

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