Aurora | Book 1 of The Northernlands Series

Aurora | Book 1 of The Northernlands Series

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On a continent ruled by three kingdoms, some are born with what is called a "Hex", a magical power that makes them different from others. These Hexs are controlled by "Vorians", a magical race of human beings.

Evan is a Teleki, able to control things with his mind. It's a very powerful and rare magic,  that with the wrong influence on the beholder of this gift can end in terror. Luckily Evan isn't easily persuaded. He's 16 years old, very protective of his friends and family , and he will destroy anyone who hurts them.

Ivy is a TimeKeeper, able to manipulate time. Its a very powerful and rare magic. Manipulating time is hard to do, so with her necklace which she calls "The Eye of Time". It makes it easier. She's 17 years old, very funny, and enjoys wasting time.

Evan's twin sister , Evelyn, has been missing for weeks, or so he thinks. When he comes upon her diary it leads him to someone known as "The Enchantress". The Enchantress sends Evan, Ivy, and Evan's Guardian, Valarian, on a quest that will help him find his sister. Will Evan find his sister? Is Evelyn really missing as Evan thinks?

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THE FU€K is she screaming for ? Like , what does she see ?
                              She's allergic to the D . 😏
🤣😂 Hold the phone , you didn't know how your sister look like from behind !?  I'm done !
Out of all places , this is where you stash a diary  ! The bed is the  number one place to find private sh¡t like this .
So she screamed instead of just running away  ? 
                              I can't stand her already .  This must be a horror book based  off a scary movie where the whores trip over oxygen and sh¡t .
Well damn , isn't she gonna yelled back ? 😐 Mentally unstable bitch.
This is like when Anime make things sad for no reason when just looking at random  objects.