Follow The Leader (An Asano Gakushuu X Reader FF)

Follow The Leader (An Asano Gakushuu X Reader FF)

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Lunaris By Aphfilia Completed

(L/N) (Y/N),a student studying in Midono Girl's Junior High. A private school that rivals Kunnugigaoka Junior High in academics,sports,whatever you could think off that involves education. With her mother being the principal,she is noted to be one of the most recognisable girls in her school. Everything was fine until it was announced that the school was moving to a new and bigger building,near Kunngigaoka. 

(Y/N) was furious,but she knew that there was nothing she could do about it. She had a limited amount of power at her hand while her mother had all of it. Why was she furious you ask? Well,there were several reasons. But the main reason was: she had to see Asano Gakushuu;Kunnugigaoka's student council president. The principal of that school's only son and most importantly;her rival. She despised him. She hated anything to do with the opposite gender. To make things worse,she had to see him everyday. 

However,she soon found out about an assassination project that includes the creature that destroyed 70% of the moon. Her mother in some sort of 'partnership' with Asano Gakuho,the principal of Kunnugigaoka,held the assassination project at the End Class. Other wise known as the E-Class. (Y/N) being involved in the assassination,will she be able to handle keeping up with Asano Gakushuu and try to assassinate the creature named 'Koro-Sensei'?
Started:November 12, 2017
Ended: December 2, 2018


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