A Friendships Love - Settler series book 1 (Wattpad version, first draft)

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Melanie Corona By mcorona7 Completed
Paytons Life was set, simple and she had so much to look forward to, until her childhood friend is abruptly betrayed and sent away. Life afterwards, proves never to be the same. See how Payton manages the love she has for her closest friends, deals with  loss, and becomes her own women. Can she survive unscathed from the choices others make for her life, that ultimately takes her across the ocean, to settle in a harsh new land. Or will she make a stand that she can live with to finally make her feel at peace, and find the joy life was always supposed to hold for her.
I had enough faith in you that I actually went back and reread the chapter! I wanted to understand. It's gonna be a great book!
Don't get me wrong, it captured my interest and I kept on reading.  So I may need to catch all the characters before I move on! I'm gonna keep on reading!
There is an awful lot of stuff going on in this chapter. ...
Wow, amazing. yet another moving piece. I am drawn in needing more
Grabbed my interest and will read the other installments. Well done Melanie.
I'm finally getting some time to do some reading. Been thinking of you and wondering how your New Year's party went. Love this first chapter. I love your narrator's voice. Hope you're doing well, and as I'm freezing my tail off here, I'm so jealous of your weather down there!