In The Beginning  a How To Train Your Dragon Fanfic.

In The Beginning a How To Train Your Dragon Fanfic.

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HiddenBehindTheMask By HiddenBehindTheMask Updated Jun 13, 2016

Chapter 1, 
"ITS TO FLIPPING DARK!" I awoke in complete darkness, not only to Realize i couldn't breathe. The slimy surface felt tingly like as if i was being swallowed. "Where am I?" I thought, not thinking twice,
I kicked at the dim-lighted surface with my paws. Shards fell inside the hostile place, cracks forming and splitting the surface. Finally it cracked open, such a loud, nasty noise it made. 

I flopped out onto a cold surface, making me tremble in shock, hissing at the instant light that nearly BLINED me, or that is, i thought. I gazed once more and shut my eyes, coldness devouring me, although I was quickly warmed by warm licking, a larger dragon, possibly my mom. I instantly loved her. Her touch was soft and her smell wad delightful. It felt nice, i guess you could say. I heard other noises too. Out of curiosity I opened my eyes, 
surprisingly, the light seemed, well, dim, unlike last time. Starting to get a little annoyed, I tried to escape the constant licking, but she...

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