Mute and Alone... Maybe not?

Mute and Alone... Maybe not?

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Elizabeth Black By Benelamay Completed

This is a Percy Jackson x Avengers fanfic. If you don't like it don't read it. 

Bruce is walking through the park he runs into a six year old boy. He says sorry and heads back to the tower. He sees the bruises the kid had and thought nothing of it. 

Steve was going to visit Peggy when he runs into a little boy. He says sorry but gets no answer. He just watches as the kid leaves. 

Clint was walking near the school when he sees a boy get beat up and the kids money is stolen. He watches as the kid gets up and walks into the school. He can't help but feel sorry for the kid. 

Tony's day started out by going to the Gas station to get some coffee. A kid runs into him spilling his coffee on him. He has no time to change before a meeting so he goes as is. 

Percy Jackson is having a very bad day. First when he stops at the Gas station to buy a soda he runs into a guy spilling the man's coffee. Then on the way to school he gets beat up and his money stolen. At school he gets picked on because he is mute. When he is visiting Aunt Peggy he runs into someone. On the way home he runs into a man. Running into this man caused him to be late coming home to Gabe. His mother's killer and his abuser. 

Percy doesn't know that this day will change his life forever.

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