We Do Whatever We Have To

We Do Whatever We Have To

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Something is infecting humans, and it's causing a breakdown of their minds and intelligence; reducing them to their most base and primal instincts.

Kelis and Knowles have come far. Though not always seeing eye-to-eye, they are the final survivors of an originally larger group. As the sun sets on another day, the 'Dwellers', as they know them as, threaten their lives once more. They soon find that salvation can come in many guises, but so can treachery...

'We Do Whatever We Have To' is one story in my anthology 'Bleaker Horizons'. I had the story brewing around in my mind for a while, however when I saw the news that George A. Romero died, I decided I would release it for free as a written tribute to the great man.

I've always had a love for Night/Dawn/Day of the Dead trilogy, and the focus on humans still being the main source of pain and problems. With this in mind, I wrote 'We Do Whatever We Have To' as a view of how humanity might still struggle with each other in the aftermath of a worldwide catastrophe.

I hope you enjoy it, and I hope it goes at least some way to paying the big man some respect.

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