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TVYFENTY By qveen54 Completed

"No, i'm sorry ! Please don't hit me."

I yelled. My tears were blurring my vision. Why do I keep letting this happen to me?

Boom ! I got a punch to the face. I felt the taste of blood in my mouth. Why do I always come back to this? Why do I always come back to him?

"Fuck you yelling for? Nobody can hear your dumb ass. I bet you're gonna listen to what I say next time, huh?"

I saw a smirk on his face forming. 

"Just let me go. Please." My lips started trembling. Blood was starting to drip on my clothes.

He released his grip on my arm.

"Let me catch you around another dude again. Imma do more than just punch your ass."

And just like that he walked away, getting in his car, and speeding off. Leaving me in the alley, having to walk myself home.

I just can't do this anymore.

liyahnxtdoor liyahnxtdoor Jun 19, 2016
Tha first time it happened it woulda been my last time getting hit
TrapQueenBanqz300 TrapQueenBanqz300 Oct 31, 2016
Couldn't be me I would go to jail for killing him in his sleep😪
liyahnxtdoor liyahnxtdoor Jun 19, 2016
I swear sometimes I feel bad then not feel bad for tha people that get abused cause why yo stupid ass go back to them
kairaiiii_ kairaiiii_ Dec 21, 2016
I don't wanna be the reason why
                              Cuz every time I waaaaaaaalk out the door
                              I see you die a little more inside 
                              The first line just reminded me of that song I apologize
kairaiiii_ kairaiiii_ Dec 21, 2016
Is it bad that after I read the first word I immediately started singing Lucious Lyon
AlliyBruh AlliyBruh Jun 15, 2016
Um Ima take a wild guess he got a big dick & his stroke game on point then his head game on point