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willowonderwall123 By willowonderwall123 Updated Jan 24, 2016

She was followed by Ares, 
who left bloodshed 
in her wake. 
✖ ✖ ✖ 

It was Lightless, not quite dark enough to be darkness. But, somewhat in between dark and light. 

All most as if, you put your hands on your eyes, to block the raging sun. But, the sun still got though, creating a soft pink glow. It was like that. 

I softly groaned as my stiff body, awoked. Hot hands, pull me closer into the hard object of heat. 

"Shhhh, Rest angel." 

I groaned, again. Closing my eyes again. This time, it was dark.

cookie_crazy125 cookie_crazy125 Mar 18, 2016
Lovely book but I think you meant stale instead of stall in the first line
- - Jul 23, 2016
That warning was can't imagine what the rest of the story will be like *eats popcorn eagerly*
river_of_words river_of_words Mar 31, 2016
Great description, it keeps you hook to the story, with no useless ramblings, it's kind of blunt yet colorful. It works for me!
mik9876 mik9876 Apr 25, 2016
You have a lovely start, and I mean no hate. Did you have someone go over it, but then not check it? You have suggestions within the update. I don't know, just something to look at when you have the chance.
haseromel haseromel Mar 22, 2016
The book and the idea itself is nice but there are so many spelling and grammar mistakes...