Somewhere in Tennessee. (Editing)

Somewhere in Tennessee. (Editing)

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H By MadeInAm Updated Nov 17, 2018

River Cole Jackson is one of Hollywood's newest and finest heartthrob's. But with a bad reputation and image now becoming out of control, River is cast away from the glamorous life that he has lived in for as long as he can remember. 

Sawyer Hart, a quiet girl living a quiet life. She isn't out of the ordinary, she is someone who practically dreams of getting away, leaving England behind, so she can really decide what her future may hold.

But what happens when the two end up lost in the middle of America, only seeking one thing.

 A way back home. 

A story where two complete strangers embark on a adventure of a life time, traveling through America seeking a way out. A journey of self discovery, love, faith, and loss shines through the both of them, as they try to find a way back to place they believe they need the most, starting off somewhere in the middle of Tennessee.