Callum Jameson is used to having women swoon after him-most times only interested in his title as one of the most charming bachelors in Boston. Ali Murphy was the only one who wouldn't, at least until a friendship turned into raw passion.
     Now almost two years later, Ali returns to her hometown and she's not alone. The little one with her could only be his and if his  suspicions are correct, he's going to make sure she doesn't leave this any cost
Wow she maybe did it yo proof herself but I didn't like that she didn't told the baby daddy about her
Maybe you have your reasons but every man deserves to know he fathered a child. Unless he is abusive or an alcoholic or something along those lines.
I love the way you write. It shoes emotions and I can feel and relate. yaaasss shoutout to the single mamas like mine too
Hi I know this is a stupid question, but I'm a lil slow. What race are callum and Ali??
This is so good! But why is he angry that SHE had a kid, its non of his business (family or not).
I liked the beginning and wondering how he is going to react when he finds out he has a daughter he doesn't know about.