He's my Tank ***Watty's 2012 Finalist***

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Taylor Lowe By jilguera Completed
Maggie is a socially handicap recluse gamer who doesn’t like physical contact. When Maggie goes to investigate a strange noise at her neighbor, Hannah’s house, she finds her neighbor murdered at the hands of Hannah’s bad boy boyfriend a high profile drug runner. Now he wants Maggie dead since she’s the only thing that connects him to the murder. Maggie is forced into hiding with her own personal bodyguard who is pure sex appeal on two feet but the only thing Maggie wants to do is complete the latest raid on her favorite game.
    Chase Hancock is the one that got away for Brian Hunter. He finally has a chance to put the drug runner behind bars but to do so he has to babysit the witness. As if that wasn’t bad enough, his witness is the oddest person he has ever met. She stutters more times than she doesn’t, recites scientific principles to calm down her nerves, and seems to only care about some stupid computer game. Can he protect her or will he end up killing her himself.
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I love breaking the routine. I aould die for that book, like seriously jump in front of a gun just to make sure it doesn't ruin the cover :)! And no problem pointing out, I have to admit I felt really bad when I figured out it was the a ctual author writing it
Okay, I am sorry I just really love this story and I'd hate for it to be stolen and used by someone else. Sorry again
I am not trying to be a snitch or anythingnbut I read this same exact story on publicbookshelf.com. it has the same characters and everything. Publicbookshelf books are supposedto be published stories so unless you are a proffesional author, you completely copied that story.
Hilarious story XD just finished it and I absolutely loved it <333
@RainSedu_T nerdtastic? haha, i love your description of this book, it was awesome read. I wanna read more books like this! I love odd and/or quirky heroines!
I love this story! This is the most adorable, nerdtastic, action-y book ever!