Chasing The Moments [Larry Stylinson]

Chasing The Moments [Larry Stylinson]

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"Harry Styles has been reported to be at the hospital for almost two days now after being a victim of a wild car accident last Friday night after last being seen sitting at a bar drinking alone."

Part of me was kind of shocked due to not remembering that factor, then again I never really thought about how I ended up in the bed I'm currently sitting in, or even how I injured my leg. Though, I felt my lips twist into some kind of grin because one of my dreams just came true, I was on television. Not proud of the situation, but―

"...his band members have not been in contact with the press since the incident and the fans are going wild wanting, no, demanding for more news on what happened." She went on.

I felt my eyes bulge out of its sockets.

Wait a second; band members? 


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oliviastylinsonxx oliviastylinsonxx Jun 19, 2017
I can't take these sentences seriously, I'm laughing so much omigooood
WildeThoughts WildeThoughts Nov 27, 2017
I hate making these comments, but I just uploaded my Angel/Demon Larry fic. If you are looking for something to read after this, check it out here: Thank you! :)
ThePostMalone ThePostMalone Mar 10, 2016
If this book ends sadly I'm gonna cry 'cause i sorta already imprinted on it :)
niallzforever niallzforever Aug 03, 2013
if he doesnt remember being famous, I guess that means I have a chance with him ahaha
justakiss22 justakiss22 Jul 02, 2012
@IWatchYouSleep I hope you stop starring at it long enough to read :O
                              ahaha, thank youu :D xx