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In a cottage nestled within a forbidden forest about a dozen young girls were being raised by an all powerful sorceress named Svetlana. On her death bed the witch called a girl named Amelia forth and attempted to perform a spell that would switch their souls and allow the witch to continue living in Amelia's body, but something went terribly wrong. When Amelia woke hours later she learned that she and Svetlana were sharing the young girls body.
This is my critique: AMAZING! I love the genre and have nothing negative to say at all. I will save this to my library as I am excited to see what happens in the future! :)
A great start. Well done. reading on. By the way thanks for reading mine. I hope you like the rest.
Very good. I can tell you put a lot of work into this. It shows up in the concept and the word choice. Your structure flows well. Good job
the way you set up your writing is unique. i rarely see it on wattpad. in books yes but not much on wattpad. i liked how you ended the chapter, it left me curious, wanting to know whats going to happen to her now. therefore with that said, i'll be off to the next chapter :)...voted
I really like the beginning...I feel like it sets me in some kind of place you would dream of. If that weird? But anyways, I really liked the read. *VOTED*
@HasMaskWillTellTruth  Well, that's great! I"m glad I could be of at least some help!:)