Stranger Things

Stranger Things

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T.L. Dorian By TLDorian Updated Jan 01

Body parts growing down in the local woods, scary encounters in a deserted escape pod, something odd lurking in the ocean at Dulgots Trench, aliens who have no feet......further tales of the unexpected.

A sequel to Setting Suns-a collection of short sci-fi stories. 

Two of the first seven stories are a couple of my favourites from the original collection.

I'll be adding more as time goes by.

A usual it's lucky dip, some sweet, some sour and some downright strange !

  • aliens
  • experiments
  • green
  • invasion
  • man
  • odd
  • offworld
  • space
  • strange
  • unexpected
  • woodland
Reffster Reffster Dec 19, 2017
'prized' by perfumers (unless they're getting it out the whale with a chisel).
                              Also, figurehead may be an alternative word to use for figurine.  Great paragraph though, very evocative.
Reffster Reffster Dec 19, 2017
Strangely wonderful and beautifully descriptive, not to mention thought-provoking.
AelaDoodles AelaDoodles Nov 19, 2015
can't express enough how much I love your stories! they're exquisitely crafted. you have a real talent- never stop writing!
jankenpon jankenpon Jun 09, 2015
question is how is mr tock converting that time into the nr of captured ticks. 
                              did he spend 146x5mins with the Mr Ticks?
                              or does a closed stone stand for a pair of tick-tock -2sec- so hes got 21900 jade stones?
davidnjo davidnjo Jan 16, 2015
Somewhat strange but beautiful use of English and with a certain ennui.
gordonjames gordonjames Jun 16, 2014
excellent story. sounds like he's been around as long as. Mr Tick maybe longer.  An like he said he likes to collect unusual things.