Young Love (boyxboy) EDITING!

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Codie By cl44787 Completed
((WARNING!!! This book is very poorly written! it needs to be edited  and I'm sorry if there's any triggering subjects in it I would prefer if you don't read))
    After getting in to a um let's say sticky situation, Jay Winters is sent to rehab and is on his way to a new life, he's smart, funny and he won't take shit from anyone. but what happens when his past catches up with him and he meet the hot sexy god known as Skye? 
            Skye Evans is a 18 year old dude, he loves to hang out with his friends, I mean what teen doesn't! He's also gay, so far no one catches his eye, but when new kid Jay comes he's heads over hills for him.  Not soon after they meet, there together as in boyfriends, I mean with a guy like that for Skye's boyfriend nothings ever going to be the same, I mean from laser-tagging to waking up in Vegas who knows what going to happen?
                                             ((again I apologize if this offends you in any way or it's confusing!!))
I'm a little confused about all the characters. My only critique is you didn't do a very good job introducing asks explaining each new character.
Ashlee and Jaylee are 16
                                    Jayden is 17 
                                    Ina and Ace are 18 
                                    But where does Sabrina fit in?