Ouran High School Host Club 30 Minutes In Heaven !

Ouran High School Host Club 30 Minutes In Heaven !

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BringMeToLife3434 By BringMeToLife3434 Updated Jun 12, 2014

Meow ! Hi It's BringMeToLife3434 but you can called me as my character most used Miyuki well I was Thinking and I thought I should make a OHSHC 30 minutes In heaven !!!!!(/*_*/) Now I shall tell you how the game came to be !

I was sitting at my desk waiting for school to be over,My name is Miyuki, I'm a first year at Ouran so I'm with the host club black hair blue eyes  black and blue glasses , when a note was on my desk I looked at it then opened it Turning I got a grin from Karou whose is in my History class I giggled just a little then looked at it read I was invited to a host club party with me and six other girls I looked at Karou agreeing to come.

after school I got changed into a pair of shorts and my favorite hoodie no shirt under it only my bra and then the game begon.

rebelgirl737 rebelgirl737 Mar 21, 2017
Normally people say (Y/N) so the readers have an easier time reading and so they can imagine themselves doing this stuff with the character
TomLovesHarpoons TomLovesHarpoons Aug 05, 2017
I was gonna complain about the name and stuff then i realised i am basically that character but its not miyuki its yuki so thumbs up
book-of-book book-of-book Apr 06, 2016
Hi! Your book has a lot of views! Ouran high school! Maybe you could check my story and tell me what u think Plz! Your story is great!
alethea-exe alethea-exe Jan 15, 2017
littledarlingleigh littledarlingleigh Jun 18, 2016
Pretty good, but where is all of the punctuation? Or was just one very long sentence. 😂
XxokacolaxX XxokacolaxX Aug 10, 2016
When i read the end and tama chan said whats on ur neck i accidently yelled damnnnnnn hikaru i see u😂😂😂😂