Kakashi's Summon

Kakashi's Summon

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N O E L L E By TheNerdyStrawberry Updated 4 days ago

"Today the moon shines brighter
on the blank spot in my memories
It swallowed me, this lunatic,
please save me." 

-BTS, Save Me

« She rose an eyebrow at this. "Do you think you can find out how much it'll cost?" Do you think you can find out where it is.

"Sure." WhO do yoU thInk I aM. IM SasUke UchiHa, I thINk I KnoW hOw to Do My joB.»

I do not own the Naruto or Fairy Tail franchise

Does contain mature themes such as violence since both Naruto and Fairy Tail are shonen  animes, which is aimed at 15+ years. So I would say this is a 15+ book , however I started writing this at 14. So again I wouldn't know. There are depictions of violence and slight borderline sexual scenes and because of that. I don't know if this should be rated mature since that would make this book 18+. 

If you do know please comment wether or not I should change the rating. 

Please and thank you, you have been warned.