Come out, come out, wherever you are

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Shay-lee By LaLaLa95 Updated 4 years ago
'You can run.. But you can't hide'
    Most horror and mystery/suspense stories are in the victims POV. But, have you ever wondered  what must be going through a killer's mind as he ends the lives of numerous amounts of people? Have you ever wondered why they do what they do? What motivates them? What drives them to such crazy lengths and forces them to perform such horrendous acts? 
    Have you ever wondered whats it's like to one be one of them?
Holy Cr*p, that was amazing. I think I almost peed my panties, thats how scary it was! Plus its nighttime and I'm alone in my dark room! I almotst jumped up and checked my mirror haha. Anyway this was incredibly bone chliing. I dont get scared easily, either. Good job!
I cringed when I read the last part. That was bonechilling. Great job. you obviously have a talent and should keep it up.
ooh, this is a pretty dark chapter! :O Pretty grotesque stuff, man :p But, you have really good writing style :) 
well done. it held a good voice, that kept you in it. look forward to rest of book.
Wow. That was beyond intense. You captured what seems like 'insanity' beautifully <
Wow that was creepy!  I love that you did it from the crazy person's PoV.  I was cringing when he put his finger into the wound...I could barely type that without freaking out.  Librarying so I can read more!