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I'll care

I love you more each and every day

You might not actually be here with me

But you're with me everytime, everywhere


I'll remember the days

When we sat discussing our dreams, our aims

Missing you is giving me nothing but pain

Help me and say you'll come back and stay


I'll remember the days you weren't away

I sit alone at night and pray

Why can't you come back 

Relive the memories, overstay

Run around like the kids we were,  play all day

I'll forever be waiting for you to tell me it's gonna be okay


I'll remember your voice

I just wish there was another choice

Forget the years we didn't rejoice

Come back, please stop the noise

 I miss you it hurt

Without you is like a desert

Can it all just revert

Everytime I get close, you spurt

Let's both hop into a car

And take me to wherever you are

You'll forever be in my heart

No matter how far you are


I'm always gonna be near


What we have will forever be real

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psxchology psxchology Aug 28, 2014
@axellesmet OMG WTF NO! You are way too talented and your story is as amazing as it can be! you're amazing and omg thank you so.much! (dont u ever think of deleting or ill chop your head off :))