Poetry Collection

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Kirsten/Panda By Paradoxx Completed
A collections of a few poems I figured I'd share. (:
This got deep pretty quickly... I LOVE IT!!! I love the meaning of this poem in other words it's a beautiful poem
For some reason, the poem reminded me of Snow Patrol's lyrics :P And yes, that's a compliment!
Wow I love this, the rhyming is beautiful and the meaning is even better!
This is a beautiful poem. I think everyone feels this way at least once or twice in their life and I LOVE the fact that you put rhythm to it, because most poems I read like these don't have rhythm and the lines are still amazing, but I love rhythm and this is extraordinary. Great job! (:
Your poetry is just brilliant! It flows so wonderfully :) Great Job!
your poetry is beautiful,I'm glad i took the time to read it :)