The Shadowkeeper  **Feature Screenplay**

The Shadowkeeper **Feature Screenplay**

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** Wattpad Featured Story!** A young girl arouses the wrath of an ancient Scottish water spirit who takes her brother's soul in revenge. To save him Brigid must journey through the Shadow realm, begging help and proving herself to each of the totem animal spirits of Britain. 

Steeped in British mythology and animal lore, The Shadowkeeper is a modern fairy tale written with animation in mind but could also be live action/CGI - lots of CGI!

Author's Note:
Back in 2005, The Shadowkeeper came heartbreakingly close to being sold to major production companies thanks to good showing in the three screenwriting competitions I submitted to*. A whirlwind trip to Hollywood for an awards night followed by meetings with managers and production companies had my little heart singing (literally one night, at an Etta James concert at the Hollywood Bowl!) Then reality hit. All of the feedback I received was the same: We love it but there's no audience for adventure stories with a female protagonist, change Brigid to a boy and we'll negotiate. Call me stubborn (the two managers offering me representation did) but I didn't think that was a legitimate "note", I thought it was simple sexism and I refused. Since then, The Shadowkeeper has been in the proverbial drawer but I love Brigid, I think she's a badass little eight year old and I've never given up on her.  

It's now ten years later and the attitude to female protagonists appears to be changing so I'm thinking of submitting The Shadowkeeper again but first I thought I'd pop it up here and see what  Wattpadders think. 

If you like it, I do hope you'll vote and/or comment to let me know whether you'd like to see it on the screen!

Happy reading! 

*Competition Results:
Finalist, ScriptP.I.M.P. Competition 2005 
Quarter finalist, Academy Nicholl Fellowship 2005 
Quarter finalist, Page International Screenwriting Competition 2005  

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