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My Twitching Boyfriend {Ticci Toby x reader}

My Twitching Boyfriend {Ticci Toby x reader}

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Silent Night By SilentDeath221 Completed

Being in the mansion is tough, ben being a pervert, jeff being a cry baby about losing, and the MISSIONS but when a friend you haven't seen comes along...the world changes and things don't seem that bad until later on

Omg. Jeff found out what shipping is and ships us welp. (/)0□0(\)
I have a few ideas. 😏😏😏
                              Toby: 😏😏😏😏😏
                              Me: *holds up water balloons* you. Me. Water balloon fight.
                              Toby: yass! Exactly what I was thinking! :D
                              Me and Toby: *runs outside*
I'm actually the middle child lol I have two sisters  ( one older and one younger) and a big brother
LilaBaggott LilaBaggott May 31
But... What about my manic rainbow wand that shoots out kitties?... Jk I have a sledgehammer
*flips Jeff off* now......*grins widely*
                              Masky: Luna don't you dare-
                              Me: don't you mean we need to.....ketchup? Huh huh?! XD
                              Toby: *laughs*
                              Masky: -_- *facetables*
kensy-girl kensy-girl 19 hours ago
I'm a  shapeshifter ,so I could be Jeff if I wanted to,but like personality wise ,I'd be honored