The Secret of the Forest -  A Thranduil Romance

The Secret of the Forest - A Thranduil Romance

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💫 Flora Nocturna 💫 By floranocturna Updated Dec 21, 2018

A shadow lies on Thranduil and his forest and only a power stronger than the darkness of old can save them. Grief and loss have turned him into a king with a heart of ice and if he is ever to find redemption, the chains of guilt and remorse holding him captive must be broken. But he is running out of time and if he fails, the Woodland Realm with fall with him.
When Anna, a mere human, finds herself at his mercy and he mysteriously chooses to keep her alive, she is faced with a choice: heal his broken heart or find her way home; a decision that might tear her apart or make her whole again. 
A tale of bittersweet love, sacrifice and the search for absolution.
Thranduil x OC set during the Hobbit timeline. 
Angsty romance with a fair amount of drama and an eventual happy ending. Possibly. Maybe. No promises though.
Ranking and awards:
#1 in tolkien, mirkwood, lotr, thranduil, jrrtolkien, leepace
#2 in thehobbit, hobbit,  thranduil
The Tolkien Awards (June 2018): 1st place & best male character & best plot in The Hobbit category 
With 3 songs: 'Nameless Lady' (Ch. 10), 'Thranduil's Lament' (Ch. 21), 'Thranduil's Lullaby (Ch. 29)
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters from Tolkien's Middle-earth. I do not make any money with this. This is purely for entertainment. The original characters (OC) as well as the plot are mine! 
Cover made by me, image by Kinko-White on DeviantArt used with the artist's permission.

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