The Alphas Timid Kitten

The Alphas Timid Kitten

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Dead By I_See_Fire Updated Jun 27

Aye, this is full of spelling mistakes, bad grammar and honestly a bad plot. (I wrote ages ago, it's bad I know) It hasn't been updated in more than a year, and probably isn't gonna get an update anytime soon. 
I'm surprised people still read this when it's so bad, but thanks for those who do.✌🏻

A kitten shifter, that
is what Mika is, the last one in fact. At only 12 years old her pack was wiped
out, but with her mother and fathers sacrifice she got away, and to where... a Werewolf
pack called the Dark Moon Pack. Now 5 years later, life isn't so great; she has
no friends, is always alone and is feeling like she should have died, instead
of her parents. But things soon change for her. The Alphas Birthday right
around the corner springs new hope for her...but with tragic memories she can't
seem to erase, new appearances from old friends, learning new powers, who she
is... and who will be there for her. Find out what is in store for The Alphas
Timid Kitten.

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bronzearrowhead2004 bronzearrowhead2004 Jul 15, 2017
Lol this is how I support my friends, just tell them the truth however gruesome it may be
Christina671 Christina671 Sep 19, 2017
This is really interesting I can't believe he thinks she would want to be woth him if he shoved her into lockers...abuse no thanks.  Can't wait to see him grovel & become a better man.
jack_bunny jack_bunny Aug 13, 2017
You're self centered and bullied her and you wonder why she won't come to you
- - Jan 30, 2016
What don't you get? You've tortured her continuously... What's wrong with you?
0o0BlurryFace0o0 0o0BlurryFace0o0 Feb 26, 2017
With that grammar, damn right you're not worth anybody's time. XD
thelexiellama thelexiellama Apr 26, 2016