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ᴀᴛʟᴀs ☾ By metxlmoon Updated Jul 19

Worlds, that are different and can be twisted or sheared. A 24 year old Annika, a U.S. marshall cop, and a junior college, solving the case and protecting her town. Assigned to hunt killers. Lived in hell turning things wrong and laughed working as a cop mistreated by her own kind. It gets old and dull. 

As venomous criminals escaped, targeted missing with hidden agenda and mysterious disappearance. A Detective partner, cocked guns in charm that she didn't expect. As cases arises with dangerous missions, they are forced to take down wanted killers. 

Dwelled the other side deep underground that's unknown and kept hidden. That lies beneath the world. 

That is until perculiar land opened their eyes to turn everything upside down juggling the world together creating curiosity and emprise. More lies under and secrets to be revealed, they take into action and solve the mystery of the world thats about to come.

  • action
  • adventure
  • collage
  • crime
  • dark
  • detective
  • murder
  • mystery
  • officer
  • spiritual
  • strong-female-character
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  • thiller
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