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❝Worlds are different, twisted and sheared❞

A Marshall Cop, Annika Greene, is assigned to solve an unnerving case in her city. One tragic death leads to unfolding many cold blooded mysterious disappearances, all pointing to a dangerous hidden agenda.

All stakes are high that intertwines a bountiful mayhem with strange things haunting in their city with deadly secrets. A sinister plague of torment with a powerful society, and blood-thirsty creatures hellbent on ending humanity. As history repeats itself of what lies beneath rises back from the surface. 

Now, she has to face of what's about to come with a helping hand of a detective partner and new recruits of friends, and embark into an adventure, not only to end the dark forces, but to save and protect their home.

Will she, her detective partner and her friends save their city in time and uncover the truth that lives within a dark fate to set it all free or would they find themselves into chaos with mischief?

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