Tyler Posey's Sister

Tyler Posey's Sister

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dolphingirl506 By dolphingirl506 Updated Nov 23, 2017

Mia's POV: 

I wake up to my sister waking me.

"Go away Stephie" I say, hitting her with a pillow. 

"Nope" My 15 year old sister, Stephanie says. She goes through my closet while I ask her why she is doing that. "Tyler and the rest of the cast is coming back.from LA today!" She says. 

"Great" I rolled my eyes. 

Let me introduce myself:
I am Mia Posey and I am 25 years old. You may know my twin brother, Tyler Posey. Yes I am his sister. I have a 15 year old sister also. Her name is Stephanie.  She is much like I am. I mean her looks. Her personality is like Tyler's. 

I check my phone for the time and see a notification. 

1 new message-

Big bro❤️❤️🙄- omw. Miss u girls! Dylan will not stop bouncing from excitement. Gah help meeee 
Big bro❤️❤️🙄-

Me- agree missing u guys too. Steph just woke me up sry.

Big Bro❤️❤️🙄-haha lmao. Colton says hi and Holland rlly missed u 2! Tyler and Sprayberry missed u 2

Me- awe

Big Bro❤️❤️🙄- ya

Me- C u soon❤️ be safe

Big Bro❤️❤️🙄- see u ...

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