The Hope For A Family

The Hope For A Family

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Kyra By DrabbitKeeper Updated Nov 19, 2017

Amaterasu's story ended in a matter of seconds, or did it? At her request, she becomes the spirit of Tessaiga to protect her unborn brother, Inuyasha. But when she is angered enough to escape the sword, what will Inuyasha think? How will Sesshomaru react seeing his long lost twin sister before him? Can Amaterasu mend the bond between her two brothers or will she be stuck between their rivalries forever?

Special thanks to CrystallizedFairy who turned my original picture into the beautiful cover of this book.

I do not own Inuyahsa, I only own Amaterasu.

Important Information! This is going to be placed during the time of the Band of Seven, (and maybe a little after, that is still to be decided)! There may be some spoilers! Just giving you a fair warning!

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